How We Do It

From the moment you phone us, fax us or email us you set our operation in motion. Our sales staff will visit with you on-site or invite you to our facility to discuss building plans and designs. 

A site visit and survey will be completed and used to evaluate your needs and requirements taking into consideration the impact of zoning regulations, landlord specifications and the design of your building as it impacts your sign. 

The sales staff will interpret gathered information to our art department, who will generate a drawing from photographs and/or plans depicting your sign shown in scale on your building.  

 Our estimating department will do a material and labor take-off from the plan developed and will produce a written estimate for the proposed work. 

Following the presentation of the proposal to you the sales team will take the time to insure that the scope of work is fully understood. If the design requires modifications or revisions we will insure that it is done promptly. 

Upon acceptance, permit applications are made and production meetings are held to communicate your needs to all our staff who will be involved with your project. 

After securing permits and completing fabrication you will be contacted to coordinate the installation. Once installation is completed you will be contacted to insure satisfaction.

We Do It All!

We have all the necessary installation equipment with trained installers capable of installing your sign, whether it needs to be twelve stories in the air or requires a thirty yard concrete footing.