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Metro Sign & Design uses IBM computers for design & production.  Most of our production work requires the use of artwork that is in vector format.  Vector images can be enlarged from a very small size to as large as a billboard without any loss of quality. Pixels on the other hand are the small dots that make up a photograph or picture in a psd, tiff, jpeg or other image format. When you try to increase the size of this type of image, the quality decreases because the space between each pixel has to be interploted and gets very, very pixelized. You can actually see the blocks that make up the image.

To create the best reproduction of your artwork, please send artwork that meets the correct criteria.  The following are preferred formats for electronic artwork.  Please make sure all artwork that will be used for production is vector based and not pixilated.

VECTOR ARTWORK – For most of our production work

  • .cdr — Corel Draw 11 (or earlier version)
  • .ai    — Adobe Illustrator CS3 (or earlier version)
  • .pdf – Adobe Acrobat 8 (or earlier version)
  • .eps – Adobe Illustrator CS3 (or earlier version)

RASTER ARTWORK – For Digital Printing & Photographic Images

  • .tif
  • .wmf
  • .jpg
  • .wmf
  • .pcd

Any electronic artwork that needs to be cleaned or modified will require an additional charge at the rate of $65/hr billed in one hour increments.

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